We see a lot of news about the accident in our newspaper everyday. Other than car or motorbike’s accident, do you know that there are other accidents which can cost till billion!!?? Check out the post.
chernobyl_11 ) Chernobyl ($ 200 Billion)
Chernobyl disaster was a nuclear reactor accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. Reactor 4 suffered a massive, catastrophic power excursion. This caused a steam explosion, followed by a second explosion from the ignition of generated hydrogen mixed with air, which tore the top from the reactor and its building, and exposed the reactor core. The large amount of dispersion’s radioactive particulate and gaseous debris containing cesium-137 and strontium-90 which are highly radioactive reactor waste products.
222 ) Space Shuttle Columbia ($ 13 Billion)
The Space Shuttle Columbia disaster occurred on February 1, 2003, when the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere, with the loss of all seven crew members, shortly before it was scheduled to conclude its 28th mission. In 1978, the original cost of the shuttle was $2 Billion. That comes out to $6.3 Billion in today’s dollars. $500 million was spent on the investigation, making it the costliest aircraft accident investigation in history. The search and recovery of debris cost $300 million.
3333 ) Prestige Oil Spill ($ 12 Billion)
On November 13, 2002, the oil tanker tanker Prestige sunk off the coast of Northwest Spain, spilling 81,000 tons of oil that affected French and Spanish coastal regions. Fearing that the ship would sink, the captain called for help from Spanish rescue workers, with the expectation that the vessel would be brought into harbour. However, pressure from local authorities forced the captain to steer the embattled ship away from the coast and head northwest.
4 ) Challenger Explosion ($ 5.5 Billion)
The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred on January 28, 1986, when Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, leading to the deaths of its seven crew members. The cost of replacing the Space Shuttle was $2 billion in 1986 ($4.5 billion in today’s dollars). The cost of investigation, problem correction, and replacement of lost equipment cost $450 million from 1986-1987 ($1 Billion in today’s dollars).
555 ) Piper Alpha Rig ($ 3.4 Billion)
A new gas pipeline was built in the weeks before the 6 July explosion, and while this work disrupted the normal routine, the platform was operated as normal. The discovery of a small gas leak was not unusual and no cause for concern. Because the platform was completely destroyed, and many of those involved died, analysis of events can only suggest a possible chain of events based on known facts. Some witnesses to the events question the official time line. the 300 foot platform was engulfed in flames. It eventually collapsed, killing 167 workers and resulting in $3.4 Billion in damages.
666 ) Exxon Valdez ($ 2.5 Billion)
The Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred in the Prince William Sound, Alaska, on March 23, 1989. It is considered one of the most devastating human-caused environmental disasters ever to occur at sea. As significant as the Valdez spill was, it ranks well down on the list of the world’s largest oil spills in terms of volume released. 10.8 million gallons of oil was spilled when the ship’s master, Joseph Hazelwood, left the controls and the ship crashed into a Reef. The cleanup cost Exxon $2.5 billion.
7 ) B-2 Bomber Crash ($ 1.4 Billion)
The pilot and co-pilot ejected and survived the Feb. 23 crash. The footage released by the Air Force shows the left wing grazing the runway on takeoff, causing the aircraft to burst into flames.  Just prior to the crash, the plane made an sudden nose-up move that investigators concluded was caused by the computer malfunction, which then caused the B-2 to stall.  It marked the first crash of a B-2, one of the Air Force’s most expensive and sophisticated aircraft. There had been only 21 B-2 bombers in use, and the estimated cost of the lost aircraft is $1.4 billion.
8888 ) Metrolink Crash ($ 500 Million)
A federal panel is wrapping up its 16-month investigation into a commuter train crash in a Los Angeles suburb that killed 25 people and injured at least 130.  The National Transportation Safety Board will probably determine on Thursday the probable cause of the accident and make several safety recommendations to prevent future collisions. Metrolink train may have run through a red signal while the conductor was busy text messaging. Wrongful death lawsuits are expected to cause $500 million in losses for Metrolink.
99 ) Tanker Truck and The Bridge ($ 358 Million)
A tanker truck containing 32,000 liters of fuel was collided with a car on the Wiehltal Bridge in Germany. The tanker crashed through the guardrail and fell 90 feet off the A4 Autobahn resulting in a huge explosion and fire which destroyed the load-bearing ability of the bridge. Temporary repairs cost $40 million and the cost to replace the bridge is estimated at $318 Million.
100010 ) Titanic ($ 150 million)

Titanic was the biggest ship in the world,forty-five thousand tons gross, and accommodated the first class passengers in luxury undreamed of a generation earlier. Titanic sank on its maiden voyage and was considered to be the most luxurious ocean liner ever built. Over 1,500 people lost their lives when the ship ran into an iceberg and sunk in frigid waters. The ship cost $7 million to build ($150 million in today’s dollars).

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